North West Area (Fourth Section) 2019 Preview & Predictions - 24/02/2019



Rank: 832nd

In 2018 Blackley were placed 8th, 2017 11th, 2016 5th, and 2015 11th.

Since the last North West Area (Fourth Section), Blackley have come 4th at the Rochdale Contest (Fourth Section), 2nd at the Bolsover Entertainment Contest (Fourth Section), and 2nd at the French Open (Fourth Section).

BMP Europe Goodshaw

Rank: 822nd

In 2018 BMP Europe Goodshaw were placed 6th, 2017 13th, and 2016 14th.

Brindle Band

Rank: 759th

In 2018 Brindle Band were placed 7th, 2017 3rd, 2016 11th, and 2015 8th.


Rank: 831st

In 2018 Cadishead were placed 10th, 2017 4th, 2016 8th, and 2015 12th.

Denton Brass

Rank: 862nd

In 2018 Denton Brass were placed 12th, 2017 9th, 2016 15th, and 2015 13th.

Dobcross Silver

Rank: 667th

According to our records, this is Dobcross Silver's debut performance at the North West Area (Fourth Section).

Ramsey Town

Rank: 914th

In 2018 Ramsey Town were placed 9th, and 2017 12th.

Rode Hall Silver Band

Rank: 802nd

In 2018 Rode Hall Silver Band were placed 5th, 2017 7th, 2016 7th, and 2015 6th.

Sale Brass

Rank: 728th

In 2018 Sale Brass were placed 2nd, 2017 10th, 2016 6th, and 2015 9th.

Since the last North West Area (Fourth Section), Sale Brass have come 6th at the National Championships of Great Britain (Fourth Section).

Skelmersdale Prize

Rank: 661st

In 2015 Skelmersdale Prize were placed 2nd, and 2014 3rd.

Since the last North West Area (Fourth Section), Skelmersdale Prize have come 3rd at the Rochdale Contest (Third Section).


Rank: 735th

In 2018 Stacksteads were placed 3rd, and 2014 1st.

Stockport Brass

According to our records, this is Stockport Brass's debut performance at the North West Area (Fourth Section).

BrassedOn Predictions

  1. Skelmersdale Prize
  2. Dobcross Silver
  3. Sale Brass
  4. Stacksteads
  5. Cadishead
  6. Blackley
  7. Rode Hall Silver Band
  8. Brindle Band
  9. BMP Europe Goodshaw
  10. Stockport Brass
  11. Denton Brass
  12. Ramsey Town

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*Predictions are done based on the form in the contest in question over the previous 4 years, the ranking position and contest form of both the conductor and the band.