Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 2019 Preview & Predictions - 02/03/2019


Barnsley Metropolitan

Rank: 664th

This is the first time Barnsley Metropolitan have played at this contest since 2013 where they were placed 1st

Dodworth Colliery MW Brass

Rank: 666th

This is the first time Dodworth Colliery MW Brass have played at this contest since 2006 where they were placed 1st

Friendly Band (Sowerby Bridge)

Rank: 856th

In 2018 Friendly Band (Sowerby Bridge) were placed 8th, 2017 9th, 2016 8th, and 2015 11th.

Garforth Brass

Rank: 788th

In 2018 Garforth Brass were placed 2nd.

Since the last Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section), Garforth Brass have come 15th at the National Championships of Great Britain (Fourth Section).

Golcar Band

Rank: 1050th

This is the first time Golcar Band have played at this contest since 2012 where they were placed 10th

Linthwaite Silver Band

Rank: 846th

In 2018 Linthwaite Silver Band were placed 7th, 2017 8th, and 2016 7th.

Loxley Silver Band

Rank: 800th

In 2018 Loxley Silver Band were placed 4th, 2017 3rd, 2016 10th, and 2015 6th.

Maltby Miners Welfare Band

Rank: 706th

In 2018 Maltby Miners Welfare Band were placed 5th.

Thurcroft Welfare

Rank: 831st

In 2018 Thurcroft Welfare were placed 9th, 2017 6th, 2016 3rd, and 2015 10th.

Tingley Brass

Rank: 851st

In 2018 Tingley Brass were placed 10th, 2017 7th, 2016 6th, and 2015 9th.

BrassedOn Predictions

  1. Barnsley Metropolitan
  2. Garforth Brass
  3. Dodworth Colliery MW Brass
  4. Maltby Miners Welfare Band
  5. Loxley Silver Band
  6. Thurcroft Welfare
  7. Linthwaite Silver Band
  8. Tingley Brass
  9. Friendly Band (Sowerby Bridge)
  10. Golcar Band

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*Predictions are done based on the form in the contest in question over the previous 4 years, the ranking position and contest form of both the conductor and the band.